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Hello Cranberry Raspberry!

Hello Cranberry Raspberry!

And a new flavor makes 9! We're thrilled to introduce our newest Spindrift real fruit flavor: Cranberry Raspberry. This is our first berry-berry mix: with cranberries from the Northeast and raspberries from the Northwest and a little lemon to bring them both together.

Like all of our flavors, Cranberry Raspberry is unsweetened and made with just a few real, simple ingredients.

It's also especially beautiful when you pour it into a glass! (Which makes it the perfect mocktail or cocktail mixer.)

Behind the Flavor: Cranberry

Behind the Flavor

“I’ve always loved cranberries: the taste, the tie to New England farming, the Thanksgiving ritual, the history,” said Bill, our founder and CEO.

Like Spindrift itself, cranberries have deep roots in a Massachusetts, the second-largest source of cranberries in the US. So, when we wanted to create a new real-fruit flavor of Spindrift sparkling water, we started close to home.

“Creating our new Cranberry Raspberry flavor wasn’t easy – but it was a lot of fun. Cranberry bogs are incredible and spending time on the farms where our fruit grows is such a key part of creating new flavors at Spindrift.” Bill said.

All About the Farms

“Because we work with real squeezed fruit in all of our products, the most important thing is to build close relationships with farms and farmers. Our goal is to work with farms that share our values around product integrity and sourcing. When we were exploring cranberries, we connected with a great local farm in Cape Cod, MA and went to work.” Bill said.

Have you ever visited a cranberry bog? We were lucky enough to take a team trip down to Cape Cod to see it as it was happening.

Cranberry harvesting is a totally unique experience that’s unlike any other berry-picking or harvesting process. Many people think that cranberries grow in water, but that’s actually just how they’re harvested. In early Autumn, when the cranberries are ripe, the farmers flood the bogs with water which shakes the cranberries loose from their low, dense vines and creates a red sea of floating cranberries. Then harvesters stand waist-deep in the cranberry sea and rake the berries toward what looks like a giant straw. There, the berries are separated out and the water is sent back into the bog. Thousands upon thousands of cranberries are transported out of the bog every hour and transported around the country.

It’s really something.

Cranberry Farming

Raspberry, too

From our experience making Raspberry Lime for the last few years, we already had a strong relationship and seamless process established with the raspberry farms we work with out in Washington. We were able to use some raspberry juice for this flavor, too, since was the perfect ingredient to add to the cranberry juice.


The Idea

“In the late 2000’s, I was introduced to the cranberry-raspberry combination through a now-defunct product in the UK that was called called This Water. They had a Cranberry Raspberry drink that tasted so good that it actually inspired our very first Spindrift soda line back in 2010,” Bill told us.

“In 2016, we began developing an unsweetened version of our Cranberry Raspberry soda. The challenge is that, because cranberries are grown around the country, they are often sold through cooperatives like Ocean Spray and Northland – so many of the cranberries you find are blended in origin. As with all our products, building close relationships with our farms and farmers is integral to our business. Around the same time, we connected with a local farm on Cape Cod, MA that shared many of our values around produce integrity and sourcing. Combined with the raspberries we already use in our Raspberry Lime product, it seemed like the perfect time to move forward with our Cranberry Raspberry.”

Cranberry Farming

How It Tastes

“To me, this product is deliciously drinkable. I’m so proud that we’ve maintained the sweet notes of cranberry without any of the bitterness. I think it’s s a unique flavor mix with broad appeal.

The magic around creating this product was starting with cranberry. Unsweetened cranberry juice can be almost undrinkable to most people – because it’s incredibly tart and tannic. And raspberry juice can easily be overpowering, too.

So the trick here was to bring up the taste of the raspberry just enough that it complemented but didn’t overpower the delicate cranberry flavor.”


Spindrift Cranberry

How to Drink it

It’s all about versatility.

“Cranberry Raspberry is going to be a great to drink on its own or alongside just about any food pairing. It’s also will make a delicious mixer in cocktails. Try it in a Madras or a classic Cape Codder cocktail.”

Make it a Mocktail

Pour it out over ice and add ice and a few frozen raspberries or cranberries to keep it chilled.

Make it a Cocktail


Cran Ras Cosmo - Makes 2


  1. Muddle 10 cranberries and 10 raspberries together with 2 tsp of sugar at the bottom of your shaker.
  2. Add ice and 3oz of vodka.
  3. Shake vigorously.
  4. Strain into 2 glasses over fresh ice.
  5. Top with Cranberry Raspberry. Garnish with cranberries and raspberries. Enjoy! (edited)

You can find Cranberry Raspberry in select Target stores and online at the Spindrift Market.

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