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A Cranberry Story: sweetgreen x Spindrift

When real fruit is your thing; you gotta make sure it’s the best. To us, that means the whole process is transparent and traceable and the fruit has to be grown using sustainable practices. It tastes better and it’s better for the planet. We also work hard to build great relationships with all the farms we work with. No one understands the growing and harvesting process like farmers. And we couldn’t make Spindrift without them.

We like to work with partners who share the same philosophy on ingredients. Enter: sweetgreen. Our partnership with sweetgreen started back to 2012, when we shipped our very first batch of sparkling water to their restaurants in Washington, DC. Our goal was to give folks who were eating real, delicious meals a real, delicious drink to go with it.

Now, years later, we’re excited to announce something else we’ve been working on with sweetgreen: a shared resource. Cranberries.

Like Spindrift itself, cranberries have deep roots in Massachusetts – a state that is the second-largest source of cranberries in the US. When we started working on our new Cranberry Raspberry sparkling water, we sought out the best local farms. We connected with one on Cape Cod, Bluewater Farm because their values on integrity and sourcing aligned with our own. It’s worked well; since we first began making Cranberry Raspberry this year, we’ve used over 8.8 million cranberries!

When our friends at sweetgreen mentioned that they wanted to make a Cranberry Maple dressing, we suggested they try Bluewater Farm, too. After all, they respect ingredients as much as we do. This Fall, we took sweetgreen to visit the Bluewater bog and climb into the glorious berries with us.

When you find something that works, you want to share it. We’re proud to share our favorite Massachusetts-grown fruit with Sweetgreen customers this month. Today you can find both their cranberry dressing and our Cranberry Raspberry sparkling water featured at participating sweetgreen restaurants.