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End-of-Summer Spritzer With Winc & Spindrift

It’s still summer so we’re still mixing up some delicious warm-weather cocktails! This week, we wanted to create something simple, fresh, and refreshing using a bottle of wine we had in the fridge.

We got a delivery from our friends at Winc, a wine club that sends new wine to your doorstep every month (yes please!). You can pick from 100s of wines on their site or take a quick quiz to help Winc suggest wine for you.

When we ordered for the office, we chose two reds, a white, and a rosé so there was something for everyone. Receiving the delivery was especially fun because it felt like unboxing a gift. (Even if we ordered it for ourselves.)

We had a blast setting up our own in-office wine-tasting. Then, in typical Spindrift fashion, we decided to experiment with our new wines by mixing them with different flavors of Spindrift.

Here’s our favorite.

Spindrift Strawberry Spritzer

Spindrift Strawberry Spritzer
(Serves 4 – or 2 people, twice)
• 15-20 fresh strawberries
• 2 cans Spindrift Strawberry
• ice
• 1 bottle of rosé – we used Cocomero from Winc
• lime wheel for garnish


Crush ~16 fresh strawberries then press through fine strainer (making fresh strawberry juice). Pour juice evenly among 4 wine glasses. Pour 2 oz of rosé over ice. Add 3 cubes to ice to each glass. Top with 3oz of Spindrift Strawberry. Garnish the rim with a small strawberry and lime wheel. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to try Winc for yourself (and get $20 off your first order) go to: trywinc.com/spindrift. Cheers.