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2018: The Year of Real Ingredients

Real ingredients are everything. The incredible, incomparable taste of fruits and vegetables picked then eaten fresh from the farms where they’re grown. There’s nothing better. It’s delicious to eat and beautiful to work with. So we’re diving into 2018 inspired by real, whole ingredients. The ones we use in our products and the ones we love to learn about, to eat, and to share.

Now, Spindrift is real simple; it’s real fruit + sparkling water. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Real things rarely are. Working with real fruit is a challenge to grow, to pick at peak freshness, to handle with care to keep its integrity and taste, to transport, to squeeze, and add to sparkling water. But we love it. We think the challenge of real fruit – never from concentrate – makes for a better product. If you want something to taste like a grapefruit – why wouldn’t you use actual grapefruit? That’s our philosophy anyway.

As more people look carefully at the labels on their food and beverages, we’re proud to stand by ours. You won’t find anything you don’t recognize. We don’t use natural flavors, essences, concentrates, artificial colorings, or any cleverly-worded euphemism for anything. Too often, companies try to keep their ingredients hidden from the consumer and try to amp up the taste to keep them coming back. We’re not about that life. We’re fruit + carbonated water. Real fruit tastes better.

We’re excited to talk more about that; what we put into our products because it’s simple and delicious. We’re not chasing 0s on our labels – because real fruit has a few calories and a tiny bit of sugar. It’s okay. Spindrift isn’t clear when you pour it out, because real fruit has color. We’re a little pulpy. So is real fruit. It’s all good. Let’s talk about it, celebrate it, and enjoy it. We’ll take you to the family farms we use and show you what’s inside the can.

So this year we’re excited to lean into those real ingredients. The fruit we use and the delicious fresh ingredients we eat alongside the Spindrift we drink. We’ll tell more stories of real. Even when it’s messy, complicated, or strange – it’s good.

Here’s to more simple, real ingredients, more creativity & innovation, more delicious food and drink, and doing more of the right thing even if it’s more challenging. And more fun real fruit + sparkling water, of course.

2018, we’re ready to get real.