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hello blood orange tangerine.
anything but ordinary.

real fruit. really.

Why is most “fruit flavored” sparkling water clear? Have you ever seen a clear blackberry? Spindrift is made with real fruit. It’s a difference you can taste – and see. Literally.

No Sugar Added
Non-GMO Certfied
Gluten Free

a bold taste.

What if sparkling water tasted like real fruit – because it was made with real fruit? Spindrift has a unique, delicious taste that only real fruit can deliver. Light, bright, slightly sweet, and a little pulpy.

the best ingredients.

Making a delicious product requires the best ingredients. We source the highest-quality, best-tasting fruit from family farms around the US.

made by real people.

The first batch of Spindrift was created in our founder’s kitchen with a hand-juicer. Today, the Spindrift recipes are exactly the same. We still taste every single batch. We just use a bigger juicer. We drink it, we share it, we love it. We hope you enjoy it, too.

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