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Sparkling Watermelon Thyme Recipe

Sparkling Watermelon Thyme Recipe

During those hot and sticky summer months, there's nothing like a refreshing drink to beat the heat. And what sounds more refreshing on a hot afternoon than chilled watermelon juice? To transform this simple drink into a cocktail, add your favorite alcoholic beverage and Raspberry Lime Spindrift — don't forget the beautiful thyme garnish, either! Let’s look at how to make one of our warm-weather favorites: Sparkling Watermelon Thyme.

What Is this Sparkling Watermelon Thyme Drink? 

The Sparkling Watermelon Thyme is essentially a sparkling watermelon juice cocktail. If you're planning to mix watermelon alcoholic drinks for a laidback, sun-soaked gathering, this is a go-to beverage. One of the earliest records of your classic watermelon cocktail dates back to the late 19th century when Southern crafters distilled watermelon juice into brandy. But using fresh fruit in mixed drinks is a relatively new development; it wasn't until the 1990s that watermelon really started making its way into the fruity cocktail scene. Now, you'll find vodka-spiked watermelons, watermelon margaritas, and so much more. One watermelon mixed drink we especially love is the Sparkling Watermelon Thyme, a refreshing cocktail where bubbles and sweet fruit flavor take center stage. 

What Goes Into a Sparkling Watermelon Thyme?

Exactly what goes into a Sparkling Watermelon Thyme? It's in the name: sparkling water, watermelon, and thyme. First, you’ve got to have the sparkling water part. We love using refreshing and versatile Raspberry Lime, which adds a sweet, tart flavor and gorgeous color (see also: our Raspberry Lime Margarita recipe). This particular fruit and herb combo offers something especially summery and totally refreshing no matter how you serve it.

Watermelon needs no introduction: it's the quintessential summer fruit beloved for its sweet, red flesh. Thyme will beautifully complement watermelon's sweetness and juiciness with its earthy, minty, and slightly citrusy profile. (It's also, by the way, our go-to garnish for our Sparkling Blood Orange and Thyme Spritz.) A sprig or two can add a subtle herbaceous flavor to your drink while giving it a lovely finish. 

As for the alcohol, you have a wide range of options that pair well with watermelon. Go with your favorite! Our top contenders are gin, tequila, vodka, and rum. You can pick up gin for a simple gin and tonic or gin and juice type of drink — gin's citrusy, herbal flavor profile pairs well with watermelon's sweetness. You also can't go wrong with tequila or vodka if you have those on-hand. Tequila (think a straightforward blanco tequila for mixing) leans towards sweet and earthy, whereas vodka will give the watermelon a boozy boost with a smooth profile. 

If you want to skip the alcohol and make your drink a refreshing sparkling mocktail, that's perfect, too. For a little more to sip on, pick up a 16 oz can of your favorite Spindrift to add to your watermelon cocktail for even more real squeezed fruit flavor. 

How to Make a Sparkling Watermelon Thyme

Once you have all the ingredients, a Sparkling Watermelon Thyme takes a mere five minutes to whip together. Give yourself a chance to cool down with a relaxing drink in hand when you try out our recipe!

Remember to have plenty of Raspberry Lime to give your Sparkling Watermelon Thyme drink a sweet and zesty punch. You can order 24-can cases of Spindrift Raspberry Lime online and have them shipped to your door so you can keep this (and every) cocktail light, bright, and deliciously refreshing. 




featuring spindrift raspberry lime

  • 1. Ice
  • 2. 3oz gin (or vodka or tequila)
  • 3. 2oz fresh watermelon juice
  • 4. 1oz fresh lime juice
  • 5. 1oz simple syrup
  • 6. 2 springs of thyme
  • 7. Spindrift Raspberry Lime


Serves 2 • 5 Minute Prep

  • 1. Add ice, juices, gin, simple syrup and thyme into a shaker
  • 2. Shake until cold and pour into a glass with fresh ice
  • 3. Top with Raspberry Lime
Spindrift Raspberry Lime

Bartender's Note*

Skip the liquor for a tasty mocktail!

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