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Raspberry Lime Margarita Recipe

Raspberry Lime Margarita Recipe

Take the tried-and-true, traditional margarita up a notch by adding some new flavors to the mix, using Spindrift Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water. Made with real fruit, our sparkling water will add a hint of real berries and light carbonation to your margarita. This might become your new favorite margarita!

Prep Time: 8 minutes

Servings: 2


How to Make a Raspberry Lime Margarita

To make 2 servings of this refreshing Raspberry Lime margarita recipe, follow the 5 simple steps below.

  1. Combine tequila, lime juice, and triple sec in a shaker
  2. Add ice to shaker and shake vigorously until cold
  3. Rim a glass with salt and add fresh ice
  4. Strain over fresh ice and top with Spindrift Raspberry Lime
  5. Enjoy

Looking for a tasty mocktail? Simply omit the alcohol!

When you use our flavored sparkling water in your favorite cocktail or mocktail, our real ingredients shine through. Explore your inner mixologist and embrace the deliciousness while sipping.  

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Want to make a whole batch of margaritas to enjoy with friends during Taco Tuesday or any other time? You can order big packs of Spindrift Raspberry Lime directly from our site to your doorstep. 


featuring spindrift raspberry lime

  • 1. 4oz your favorite tequila
  • 2. 2oz fresh lime juice
  • 3. 2oz triple sec or cointreau
  • 4. Ice
  • 5. Spindrift Raspberry Lime


Serves 2 • 8 Minute Prep

  • 1. Combine tequila, lime juice and triple sec in shaker
  • 2. Add ice to shaker and shake vigorously
  • 3. Rim glass with salt + add fresh ice
  • 4. Pour over ice and top with Spindrift Raspberry Lime
Spindrift Raspberry Lime
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