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what's inside.

America’s first sparkling water made with just real squeezed fruit. Yup, that’s it.

what if...

Flavored sparkling water tasted like real fruit, because it was made with real fruit? With a lifelong appreciation for fresh ingredients, the people who farm them, and the deliciousness that real fruits always bring, we wondered if there wasn’t a simpler and tastier way to make flavored sparkling water.

inside the can.

When most people think of flavored sparkling water, they probably envision a bottle of hyper-carbonated, clear liquid with a sugary-sweet smell and nothing listed on the ingredients label. No calories, no sugars, no… actual ingredients. Just the words “natural flavors.”

What are “natural flavors”? No one really knows. But we do know that scientists have gotten pretty good at simulating the taste of just about everything. By using a combination of chemicals, you can replicate any flavor you like. And you can add it into carbonated water. But it still doesn’t taste like real fruit.

How could it? It’s a clear liquid. Even if it says “raspberry” flavor, if it’s clear when you pour it – how could that have anything to do with real raspberries? When was the last time you saw a clear raspberry?


yup, that's it.

Since everyone started putting “natural” on their labels, we’ve lost sight of what that word even means. And the mysterious term: “flavors” made by flavor companies who won’t reveal what they use to get the tastes they want. So we decided to skip all that.

We know what fruit is. We knew that, if we worked at it long enough, we’d figure out how we could skip using any “flavors” and just use real squeezed fruit. Today, we’re proud to say that all our products are just a few real, simple ingredients. Thus, the “yup, that’s it” you’ll see on our cans.

here's where we
come in.

And, in a world of 0’s (the no calories, no sweeteners, no this or that!) Spindrift is all about what we put into our sparkling water – not what we remove. Spindrift is the first sparkling water made with only real squeezed fruit. So, when you pour Spindrift, you’ll see it is colorful because real fruit has color. And, on our labels, you’ll see each Spindrift has a few calories because, hey, real fruit has a few calories. It’s okay. It’s real. By returning to what’s real, we can confidently stand by every one of our ingredient labels and by the great taste of our product. We think real fruit tastes better. We hope you like it, too.