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Spindrift 16 Oz.

Spindrift 16 Oz.

Some people just want a little bit more out of life. A second scoop of ice cream? Yes please. Extra guac? Every time. Make it a large for a quarter more? You don’t even have to ask.

And those folks — those seize-the-day go-getters who march through life searching for the perfect balance of quality AND quantity — are just who our 16-oz sparkling tallboys were made for.

Introducing the launch of our new line of 16 oz cans of sparkling water flavors – designed to give you the “little bit extra” you’re looking for.

Spindrift 16 Oz. Sparkling Water Flavors

Sold as individual flavored 12 packs, our 16 oz. sparkling waters are available in 5 of our delightfully refreshing flavors:

These flavors are delicious on their own, of course. But for those days when you want even more of that “little bit extra” feeling, try mixing up one of our fab drink recipes. We’ve got both cocktails and mocktails, so you’re sure to find a recipe to suit your taste and mood. Pick one, gather your ingredients, and mix it up. Then sit back, sip, and savor a little bit longer.

Speaking of new flavors, if you haven’t already, be sure to give our Blood Orange Tangerine sparkling water a try too. Made from the perfect combination of real squeezed blood oranges and real squeezed tangerines, we know you’ll love its ‘anything but ordinary’ incredible taste.

When You Want That “Little Bit Extra”

With our new, perfectly sized 16 oz. sparkling water flavors, you can enjoy the Spindrift you know and love – always made with real fruit - in a size that celebrates your love of small indulgences that make a big difference.

Don’t delay in getting these tallboys into your hands! Spindrift 16 oz is available online, making it easy to buy a one-off 12 pack in your fave flavor (or two!) - or go all-in with a subscription purchase for an endless supply of your favorite beverage in your new favorite size

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And we’re still just getting started. Join us in making every beverage positive force of nature.

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