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When you drink a Spindrift® sparkling water, you’re experiencing years of hard work without even knowing it.

When you drink a Spindrift® sparkling water, you’re experiencing years of hard work without even knowing it.

For many years, Blackberry was one of our most popular products. The rich, deep flavor. The sweetness. The depth. It's a flavor that clicked with people, making them understand the real-squeezed-fruit difference of Spindrift. When you enjoy Blackberry, you get a full sensory experience of real blackberries in every sip - from the aroma to the mouthfeel of the purée to the deep hue you see when you pour it out into a glass. Drinking Blackberry is the quintessential Spindrift experience - and making Blackberry perfectly represents our hard-working ethos as a company.  

There are no shortcuts at Spindrift. From the years we spend developing a new flavor to the sourcing our team does to find the best-tasting real fruit, to the careful handling and light pasteurization process, even down to the way our field sales team stacks displays of Spindrift in-store and our Consumer Experience team answers every email or message we receive. We’re proud of that hard work. To us, it makes a difference. We welcome the opportunity to pull back the curtain and show it off. ‘The Spindrift Way.’ People get it; they want to feel like effort and care is put into the products they consume. We want people to think that every time they sip a can of Spindrift sparkling water. 

Nature is our muse 

To us, nothing tastes better than real fruit planted, grown, and harvested – in nature. We're captivated by the complex, genuine taste of fruit and its authentic aroma and mouthfeel. Real squeezed fruit tastes brighter, sweeter, and more vibrant than anything artificial or juice concentrate could.  

We work hard to honor and respect that fruit throughout our entire manufacturing process. First, by tirelessly sourcing until we find the best-tasting fruit – harvested at peak deliciousness. Then, we handle it with utmost care to ensure that it tastes as good as when it was first picked, as it does in our sparkling water. Throughout every batch of Spindrift, we continually taste and track quality, taste, aroma, and more. This in-depth sensory process is a true labor of love. We don't believe in cutting corners; we do things for the right reasons - even if it's harder. Because, to us, it's worth it. It makes a difference. So that’s why we say every can of Spindrift sparkling water is proudly made the hard way. 

Making Blackberry, the hard - but right - way 

Blackberry is no exception. It is a flavor that requires extra care because blackberries have such a short growing season and require gentle handling upon harvest. 

When a heat wave in 2021 devastated the blackberry crop in the Pacific Northwest, blackberries became scarce, quality was questionable, and costs were steep. Blackberries, already exceedingly fragile and costly in regular growing conditions, were now few and far between.  

We were faced with a difficult decision. Ultimately, we did not want to resort to lower-quality ingredients or shortchange the flavor, so we decided to sunset the flavor altogether. It was challenging, but we knew it was the right decision. If something isn’t up to our rigorous standards, we won’t send it to market. 


The Drifter fervor 

When we had to discontinue Blackberry, we anticipated some disappointment because we were disappointed, too. Like us, people have wonderful, highly detailed memories and associations with Blackberry. For many, it’s the flavor that introduced them to Spindrift, helped them give up soda for good, or supported a move towards a more sober lifestyle as a delicious, flavorful alternative to alcohol. 

When Blackberry left shelves in 2021, fans did not mince words. And—in true Spindrift fashion—we welcomed the feedback. As the comments, messages, emails, and write-ins poured in, our team quietly worked to find a viable way to make the flavor again. Even if the practical challenges did not allow us to bring Blackberry back to store shelves, we knew we had to do it for the fans. 

After years of planning, sourcing, tasting, batching, and more, we figured it out. We are proud to bring back Blackberry for a limited-release batch—just for fans—exclusively on our website. Members from every department across the Spindrift team made this happen, and we have been so excited to share it with the public.  

While saying goodbye to Blackberry was a difficult conversation, the return of this beloved flavor allows us to take people behind the scenes and show what goes into making their favorite beverage. We see this as an opportunity to detail our inextricable relationship with nature, the care that goes into our unique manufacturing process, and the Herculean efforts of our team to do this over and over. This is our true differentiator and what sets us apart from on-shelf competitors: our process and our ethos.   

Stock up on Blackberry 

Blackberry will be available on our website on June 18, 2024, for $30 a case plus shipping. The slight cost increase reflects the higher costs of goods (blackberries). Fans can feel free to stock up with plenty of time to enjoy every sip with a best-by date in April 2025. 

A brand-new variety pack will also be available at $26, featuring one (1) 8-pack of Blackberry, one (1) 8-pack of Grapeade, and one (1) 8-pack of Island Punch. Follow along on social media at @drinkspindrift or sign up for our email list for a chance to win 8-packs of Blackberry. 

This batch of Blackberry goes out to all our long-time fans. We read the petitions, tweets, and emails. We heard you, and we appreciate you. Our team was listening all along and putting in the hard work to make this a reality. This relaunch of Blackberry is really a perfect representative of how we do what we do at Spindrift. We’re excited to share it with you!

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