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Kristen Bell: Yup, That's It

Kristen Bell - Spindrift

Like you, we’re big fans of Kristen Bell. So when we heard that she was a fan of Spindrift - well, we were totally psyched. (We did this really awkward celebratory dance (and there may or may not have been some light shrieking.)... but anyway.)

She just *gets* us, you know? Real, simple ingredients are important to her. She actually used to make her own version of Spindrift at home (those lucky Californians and their ample backyard citrus trees) - by squeezing some fruit into carbonated water and sharing it with her kiddos. But she’s pretty busy so hand-squeezing wasn’t really a sustainable method for hydrating her kids every time they were thirsty - so enter: Spindrift.

And us dancing.

So, then fast-forward to us asking her if she’d help us get the word out about Spindrift. Then working with her to create some fun videos to help answer the, “what’s so special about Spindrift?” question. (Spoiler: it’s the fruit. It’s always the fruit.)

After some post-production tweaks and lots of uploading - voila! Here is the video that Kristen made with us. Hope you enjoy them! (We’ll be over here doing some more dancing - if that’s cool.)

Cheers & XOXO,
The Spindrift Team

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