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Top it Off: Collected Spindrift Recipes

Top it Off: Collected Spindrift Recipes

You drink it straight, but we know you mix it up, too.

Since it's light, bright, slightly pulpy, and bubbly, Spindrift is basically the perfect addition to any cocktail or mocktail.

For the last few years, we've been sharing weekly drink recipes and now we've decided to collect them all in one place so you can enjoy them, too.

Visit the new cocktail section of our website where we've shared some of our favorite mixed creations. You can sort by your favorite Spindrift flavor or by your favorite spirit. But we know that many of you prefer to avoid liquor - so you can also search "mocktails," on our site. (Actually, nearly every recipe on the site can be made as a mocktail.)

We've tested each and every one to make sure they're delicious. And, since we make them ourselves, most of our recipes are easy to make; they only require a few ingredients (we always try to use real ones!) and almost no mixology skills.

If you make one of our recipes, we'd love to see it! Share a photo of it with us on social by tagging us @spindriftfresh! You can also submit your favorite drink recipes to us that way. (We love trying new combinations and sometimes feature them on our page.)

So, cheers to fun ways to enjoy real fruit & bottoms up!

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