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Fresh Takes

In December 2022, we announced our newest flavor, Nojito –
a fresh take on a classic cocktail. Inspired by the flavors in a mojito, our Innovation team set out to do it our way: with squeezed lime and a hint of mint, but skipping the sugar and rum.

We always launch new flavors to our community of Drifters
first – so, of course, Nojito was no exception! Just in time for Dry January, we planned to launch Nojito to our community in early 2023 and make it
available on our website for purchase later in the month. But before it went on sale, we wanted to give away the first batch to Drifters on us! For a chance to snag an 8-pack from the first batch of Nojito – at no charge - we asked Drifters to submit a “Fresh Take.” Then we’d pick people – at random – to get Nojito first.


What is a Fresh Take you ask?

It’s like a hot take, but even
more refreshing! Unique and passionate perspectives on an experience that may
differ from the norm. (Think pineapple on pizza or eating ice cream with a
fork!) We wanted our community to share something exciting and individual that
they incorporate in their lives, something fresh if you will.

We asked, and the community delivered!

Several thousands of Fresh Takes poured in to celebrate Nojito. The community loved sending in their quirkiest opinions. From food to weather to some serious opinions on cats vs. dogs, we enjoyed reading every single one. We were truly amazed at the range of creativity in the submissions. As diverse as our Drifter community is, we learned that they have a ton in common too. Let’s dig in.

We were truly amazed at the range of creativity in the submissions. As diverse as our Drifter community is, we learned that they have a ton in common too. Let’s dig in.

Peach Strawberry Fruit  Sweet Fruity Medley

Spindrift love won out

Over 200 people mentioned “Spindrift” in their Fresh Take – inspired by our product or attempting some clever flattery? Either way, we love to hear it.

42 people shared Fresh Takes regarding mocktails, and we couldn’t have been more excited to share Nojito with them. Coffee was mentioned over 100 times but tea was mentioned 23 times.

While many Fresh Takes delved rightfully into food, beverage, and condiments (17 shouts for mustard and 56 for ketchup) – we especially enjoyed the non-food Takes. Whether it was the way you put on your shoes (sock, sock, shoe, shoe) or what time you go to bed (8pm club) we learned a lot about the habits and quirks of our Drifter community. Drifters might be preoccupied with sleep (28 mentions) or naps (13) or just bed (28). Mornings were referenced 42 times and night only 22. Mondays were the most discussed day of the week and February was the most-mentioned month. Over 50 people had opinions on spoons and 29 people mentioned forks. And dog people slightly out-weighed cat people with 35 mentions to 12.

Overall, we had a blast learning more about the community
that loves Spindrift as much as we do. And now that our Nojito flavor is available for purchase, it’s been fun to hear even more people sound-off about the new

What’s next for our Drifter community? The sky’s the limit.
We love creating new, innovative flavors AND launching them with fun programs like this to bring small moments of joy to Spindrift fans. We’ve got more 202 flavors to launch to you first – so stay tuned for more activities, giveaways, new products, and more! Want to join in the fun? We’d love to welcome you to the Drifter community. Follow us on Instagram or TikTok or sign up for our emails.

Introducing our 2023 flavors

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“Convinced @drinkspindrift Lime is what limes would want their seltzer to taste like.”

Zach C.

And we’re still just getting started. Join us in making every beverage positive force of nature.

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