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Lemon Limeade

Ice Cream Float Recipe

Ice Cream Float Recipe
Feeling a bit nostalgic? Same. If you're craving a classic summertime treat to cool off - Spindrift Ice Cream Floats are just the thing to cure those childhood cravings. Let’s just say: inner child = happy. This recipe is simple, delicious and the perfect end cap to any hot summer day. 


  • 1. Lemon Sorbet
  • 2. Lemon Limeade Spindrift


• 2 Minute Prep • Makes 2

  • 1. Add 1-2 scoops of sorbet to your glassware of choice
  • 2. Top with Lemon Limeade Spindrift and enjoy!
Spindrift Lemon Limeade
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“This lemon Spindrift isn’t horrible.”

— Briana D.

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