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Drifter Giving: Soul Fire Farm

Drifter Giving: Soul Fire Farm

Giving means so many things to us, here at Spindrift. This month we're excited to give members of our community the chance to win a Dream Pantry - while simultaneously giving back to an organization that is doing incredible work for the greater community.

This month, we're giving back to: Soul Fire Farm!

Soul Fire Farm is a BIPOC-centered community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. In addition to using our platforms to shine a light on their work, we will also be matching donations to Soul Fire Farm!

As we shared earlier this year: black lives matter to us and actions speak louder than words. We are committed to action. One of the ways we’re acting is by diversifying where our support goes and what organizations and individuals we highlight.

With their dedication to farms, education, improving their local communities, and more - Soul Fire Farm embodies so much of what we strive to achieve at Spindrift.

Farming is absolutely essential to our world. We work with real ingredients that taste so good because we source them directly from nature. But we also believe in sourcing sustainably and improving access to wholesome, healthy, real produce for all. That means creating a sustainable, traceable food system.

That starts by supporting farmers. And farms. And requires dedication, education, resources, access. And leadership.

Soul Fire Farm is an incredible testament to all of the above. And how local farming can directly impact and improve the greater community.

We are so inspired by their work and so proud to support them this month. We hope you'll join us in sharing the good work of this organization and, if you're moved, donating what you can.


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