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Real Food + Real People: Beefsteak

Real Food + Real People: Beefsteak

We've found a group of people who love vegetables as much as we love fruit. Beefsteak is a fast-casual restaurant that makes vegetables sing. They focus on farm-fresh ingredients and do things in a contemplative, seasonal, and deliberate way.

Started by Chef Jose Andres, Beefsteak has a whimsical take on fresh food. Their tagline, "Vegetables, unleashed" perfectly captures their mission (and the irreverent illustrations of vegetables literally running amok all over their restaurants and website).


"It's not just a meat and potatoes world anymore; people want more."

Want more vegetables in your life? (We definitely do.) Here are two tips that Executive Chef Pat Peterson shared for getting more veggies in your life:

"Rule #1 is buy fresh. It has to be crisp, fragrant, and no sign of wilting of spotting.

Rule #2 is to know the best cooking method for each veggie. You'll generally find themes in recipes you read. (Some are better roasted and others are better seared, etc.)"

Another tip that Chef Pat suggests? Salt. Use it when you're preparing veggies to help bring out their natural deliciousness. He says, "Salt is the volume control for the natural flavors that are in any food. Don't use so much salt that you taste it, but just enough to lift that natural flavor that is in vegetables."

And one recipe that anyone at home can try? Chef Pat points to his wife's favorite: Bruschetta. "I usually whip some up when I'm cooking a meal that takes a few hours. It keeps everyone nibbling so they don't disturb my masterpiece before it's done." Just chop up a fresh tomato, slice two basil leaves into thin ribbons, mince a small clove of garlic, and top with olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss everything gently to combine and scoop it onto your favorite crusty bread.

We wish we could teleport to Beefsteak right now but in the meantime here's a video we made with them, sharing more about their story, their mission, and delicious vegetable footage.

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