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Spindrift® Goes Big By Going Tiny With New “Mini Spinny” Product Line

Spindrift® Goes Big By Going Tiny With New “Mini Spinny” Product Line

The real squeezed fruit sparkling water brand releases miniature product line that captures “the first sip feeling” for consumers. 

NEWTON, Mass., Apr. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Spindrift is announcing their biggest little innovation with a new miniature product line. 

Spindrift, The Modern Beverage Company and maker of America's first sparkling water with real squeezed fruit, has expanded its product offerings by literally shrinking its product offerings down to size. Spindrift offers delicious modern beverages in classic 12oz and 16oz tallboys cans and now, miniature one-sip 0.785 oz cans.  

Spindrift's newest product is a 0.785 fl. Oz. can.  (Photo: Spindrift)
Spindrift's newest product is 0.785 fl. Oz.  (Photo: Spindrift) 

"We’ve found that nothing compares to the incredible first sip of Spindrift," said Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift. "Once that crisp, bite of sparkling water and real squeezed fruit hits your palate? It is absolutely unmatched. For years, consumers have asked us to make bigger Spindrift so we’ve launched 16oz tallboys. But at the same time, consumers have told us how much they love their first sip. Sometimes you look forward to that moment all day. We thought, what if we cut to the chase and canned that experience? With our new 0.785oz cans, we’re giving people that unbelievable first sip feeling in every single can.” 

To offer consumers what Spindrift considers “peak refreshment,” the brand is releasing “first sip cans” in 7 of their original real fruit flavors. “You’re still getting the same incredible Spindrift, just a whole lot less of it. We consider it the perfect one-sipper. 

The recipe is exactly the same but instead of one can, you can carry several tiny cans in the palm of your hand, " said Jon, SVP of Innovation at Spindrift. “If you’ve ever wanted to bring Spindrift on in a carry-on, this product is for you. These are absolutely TSA-approved and ready for you to share with your friends when you arrive! 

Like their original products, Spindrift Mini Spinny miniature cans are 0.785oz, BPA-NI, infinitely recyclable, and packed into miniature 8-packs with recyclable cardboard outers. The new Mini Spinny line is available for purchase exclusively on Spindrift’s website.  

For more information on Spindrift, visit and follow @drinkspindrift. 

About Spindrift  
Spindrift® Beverage Co. is the maker of the first sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Founded in 2010, Spindrift celebrates simplicity, transparency, and the superior taste that only real ingredients can deliver. Spindrift works directly with farms to source the best-tasting fruit for its products. Spindrift products are free of added sweeteners and unnatural flavors, made of sparkling water with real squeezed fruit. The result is light, bright, and flavor-rich beverages that taste just like the fruit they're made with. Spindrift® sparkling water is available nationwide and new Spindrift® Spiked is available in select markets. The company donates to environmental not-for-profits through its membership to 1% For the Planet. Spindrift is headquartered in Newton, MA. 

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SOURCE Spindrift 

**The preceding release is meant for humorous purposes and is not intended to announce a real product launch by the Spindrift Beverage Co., Inc. although they find the idea extremely entertaining and believe that, quote: "never say never." Want Mini Spinny? Tell us here

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