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Tastes of Home: Recipes from our homes

Tastes of Home: Recipes from our homes

Nothing reminds us of our favorite people like recreating their recipes and reliving the moments we shared with them.

When we set out to create 'Tastes of Home,' our first printed collection of recipes, reflections, and real ingredients, we were inspired by these very moments. We wanted to include recipes from reputable creators as well as recipes from our very own Spindrift teammates. So we reached out to our Drifter team and asked them to submit their favorite recipes - and the memories that make them favorites.

Sharing recipes is like sharing a treasure - our teammates were generous, uncovering hand-written recipes and time-honored grandma-techniques. Each story they shared brought us closer to all the wonderful sights, scents, sounds, sensations, and tastes that make home, home.

In anticipation of our upcoming book release, we wanted to share a handful of these recipes and flavors ahead of this year's holiday season.

Hope you're as inspired as we are! 


Grandma Shug's Applesauce 

Anything-You-Want Galette 




    Beef & Tomato Acini di Pepe Soup


    Grandma Dora’s Zucc Bread  

    Game Day Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Want more delicious, home-inspired recipes? We've got those. Sign up for a chance to win a printed copy of 'Tastes of Home' and even if you aren't selected to win, we'll send you a digital copy so you can recreate these dishes for yourself.


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