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A vacation for your taste buds

A vacation for your taste buds

Our biggest fans have been asking for Spindrift Pineapple for years. Well, we did it, fam! Spindrift Pineapple is real.

With juicy, delicious golden pineapple from Costa Rica and just the right amount of bubbles, you’ll swear you’re on vacation.

"Our community is at the heart of everything we do. In fact our decision to create Spindrift Pineapple was inspired by them," said Bill Creelman, our founder and CEO.

Hello Pineapple

For the past several years, fans have contacted us with new flavor requests; but Pineapple was always among the most-requested. Especially for the last two years.

As you might know, when it comes to creating new Spindrift flavors, it takes some time. Since we use real fruit in all our products, ingredient sourcing is the most important part of the innovation process. "Over the last year, we've tasted more fruit varieties and juices than we can count. Golden pineapple juice from Costa Rica is absolutely the best. It has that round sweetness you come to expect from the fruit," Bill said. But sourcing the best-tasting fruit is just the first part. The next part? Balance.

"Pineapple juice can be very dense and rich. Because our taste profile is very light and refreshing, it took time to get the right balance of pineapple and sparkling water." Bill said.

Pineapple Pouring

Spindrift innovation is simple but never easy. Like everything in nature, real fruit often has a plan of its own. But after we get it right - and the smell, taste, texture of our sparkling water captures what's so absolutely delicious about the fruit, itself? There's nothing better.

We're so excited to share Pineapple with all the long-time fans of our brand. "We've always wanted to add tropical fruits to our lineup and hearing how many members of our community asked for Pineapple really pushed us to make it our next flavor. We're so thrilled with how it tastes. We can't wait for fans to try it and tell us what they think!"

We always release new flavors to our fans first - so stay tuned for it to go live on our site.

But this year, the deal's even a little sweeter...

Check out the Golden Pineapple Sweepstakes!

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