Hello, Island Punch

Hello, Island Punch

Island Punch is our take on tropical punch, reimagined using real squeezed fruit. Complex, fragrant, full-of-flavor, Island Punch features passion fruit, orange, and guava - and just the right amount of bubbles - for a Spindrift® sparkling water that tastes like a tropical vacation in every sip.

The trio of passion fruit, orange, and guava juice is a classic in Hawaii known as "POG" juice. It tastes like an amazing tropical punch,” said Jon Silverman, our Head of Innovation, "We're excited to share it with everyone."

Since around 2020, our Innovation Team had their hearts set on creating something featuring tart, tangy passionfruit. They got to work testing and tasting fruit combinations that perfectly captured the rich tropical deliciousness they were after - while upholding the light, bright, and endlessly drinkable profile Spindrift is known for.

To share the flavor combo with our audience, we created Passion Orange Guava Spindrift Spiked® hard seltzer. As one of four flavors in our Paradise Variety Pack, the Spiked version of POG was a hit! Our community naturally started asking if we could bring “POG” to the sparkling side. Excited at the prospect of going all-in on tropical, our team got to work on sourcing.

Any time we want to create a new flavor of Spindrift, our team has to go straight to the source: nature. We aim to source the best-tasting fruit and a lot of it. For these three tropical fruits, we looked worldwide - literally. Juicy, bright oranges you know and love in our BOT and Mango Orange flavors - sourced from groves in Florida and California. Sweet, smooth guava - sourced from India and Brazil. Tart, delicious passion fruit from Vietnam and Ecuador. We're so pleased with the final tropical combination - so transportive we wanted to give it a name to match the sipping experience. Introducing: Island Punch!

Like vacation sun warming your face, Island Punch is pure escapism. Love at first sip: you’re met first with tart and tangy passion fruit, followed by a bright hint of juicy orange, complemented by a sweet pink guava finish. One of our fuller-bodied flavors, Island Punch is a complex combination with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity that’s so good you’ll go back for more.

Now you can enjoy island time, any time. 

Island Punch will be available in select retailers starting in February 2024 and available in 24-can cases on our website now. 

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