Introducing: The Kat Pack

Introducing: The Kat Pack

Introducing: The Kat Pack 

As you know, we love to a) innovate and b) create things inspired by our Drifters. So we’re super excited to share our newest project with you: The Kat Pack! It’s our first-ever variety pack collaboration with a long-time Drifter, Kat Dennings and is exclusively available on - while supplies last. In addition to being a talented actress, Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) is real, authentic, and unabashedly herself - and a huge fan of Spindrift. For the last few months, we brainstormed ways that Kat could share Spindrift with her community (she’s a true Spinfluencer) and we worked together to come up with a really cool variety pack so she could do just that!

The pack includes 3 of Kat’s favorite flavors (including her latest obsession, Blood Orange Tangerine) packed neatly into a bright yellow box we designed just for this collaboration. When we met up with Kat to show her the designs, we also had the idea to build a throne out of Spindrift (because, why wouldn’t we) - and you’ll get a copy of the pic in each pack. 

She’s a natural:

We can’t wait to dream up more creative ways to work with Drifters in the future! 

Plus, try one of our favorite drink recipes, the Georgia Peach Cocktail. This utilizes one of Kat’s favorite flavors, Half Tea & Half Lemon.


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