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Introducing: The Kat Pack

Introducing: The Kat Pack

Introducing: The Kat Pack 

As you know, we love to a) innovate and b) create things inspired by our Drifters. So we’re super excited to share our newest project with you: The Kat Pack! It’s our first-ever variety pack collaboration with a long-time Drifter, Kat Dennings and is exclusively available on - while supplies last. In addition to being a talented actress, Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) is real, authentic, and unabashedly herself - and a huge fan of Spindrift. For the last few months, we brainstormed ways that Kat could share Spindrift with her community (she’s a true Spinfluencer) and we worked together to come up with a really cool variety pack so she could do just that!

The pack includes 3 of Kat’s favorite flavors (including her latest obsession, Blood Orange Tangerine) packed neatly into a bright yellow box we designed just for this collaboration. When we met up with Kat to show her the designs, we also had the idea to build a throne out of Spindrift (because, why wouldn’t we) - and you’ll get a copy of the pic in each pack. 

She’s a natural:

We can’t wait to dream up more creative ways to work with Drifters in the future! If you’d like to get a Kat Pack delivered to you, head to our shop where it’s available for a limited time.

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