Real Food + Real People: Dig Inn

Real Food + Real People: Dig Inn
Buy food from farms
Make meals from scratch
Eat at a table

These are just a few ‘dig-isms’ that greet you as you walk through the doors of Boston’s* newest eatery, Dig Inn. The food served here is sourced from local farms, cooked with love and served in an environment that begs you to kick back and savor your meal.

But, don’t take our word for it. Hit play below and hear from founder Adam Eskin how they are slowing fast food down, bringing people back to the dining table and why we are thrilled to serve our sparking waters at the same table as their scratch cooked, savory meals.

*You can also find Dig Inn at their 12 other locations throughout NYC…plus, there’s more to come in Boston!

"One of the phrases we use a lot in this company is -- let’s start with a meal." - Eskin

When you step into the restaurant you see a list of ‘Dig-isms’ -- a list we can get behind, for real.

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