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Real Fruit: A Citrus Story at Perricone Farms

Real Fruit: A Citrus Story at Perricone Farms

Bright, tangy, and juicy - we love citrus fruits.

They are delicious on their own - but exceptionally good when they're squeezed into sparkling water. At Spindrift, we like to keep our ingredients real and simple - but we're actually pretty particular about those few ingredients we do include. We want the best.

For us, that means working directly with best family farms and suppliers in the US. These are folks who really live and breathe their work, which translates directly into high-quality ingredients that we want to put in our products.

To source the lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges we use in your favorite Spindrift varieties, we look to Perricone Farms.


Today they're the leaders in high-quality citrus and fresh juices, but Perricone traces its citrus roots back to 1935. That's when founder Sam Perricone first started working in citrus groves to support his family at 15. Years later, Sam introduced his own children to the world of citrus.

Sam's oldest, the current Chairman, Joe, remembers juicing oranges by-hand into machines in the 1960s. Over 50 years later, Perricone Farms is still owned and operated by the Perricone family, with their own children and grandchildren at the helm. Together, they put their generations of citrus know-how to work, overseeing the growing, harvesting, gathering, juicing, and sharing of the best citrus with other local farms.

Citrus Story

It's easy to take an orange or lemon for granted - just run to the nearest grocery store and have our pick of the pile. But to the Perricone family, it's not quite that simple.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to a ripe piece of fruit. No matter how you slice it, trees take a full year to bear fruit. Each and every piece of fruit you see at the store took a year to get there. So patience is a huge part of the process - waiting for those fruits to ripen and the yield each season. Then, trusting that they will taste as good as you planned. And harvesting, sorting, juicing, shipping, and more. The process is extensive and we're lucky Perricone has found a way to do it all right.

We're all about putting in the extra effort to get the high-quality results we're after - even if isn't easy. As Sammy told us, "Some people want to open a pack of sugar for their coffee. Other people want to go skin sugar cane."

Seeing a process all the way through - even before it starts - is something we definitely have in common with Perricone.

Citrus Story

We love being able to work with Perricone to source the majority of our citrus, and visit their headquarters in California to learn more about the great care that goes into their delicious yield. There's nothing better than fresh fruit and we're both dedicated to maintaining the amazing taste of fresh juice. To keep the taste as pure and fresh as possible, when we get our citrus from Perricone, we now transfer it right into our giant juice tanks. So when you crack open a Spindrift and taste nothing but the real squeezed fruit, you can trace that back to Perricone.

Watch to hear more from the Perricone family themselves:

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