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Real Fruit: Strawberry

Real Fruit: Strawberry

Hello, Strawberry!

We’ve expanded our real fruit + sparkling water lineup to include a seventh fruit: Strawberry! A tart and sweet sparkling water that’s inspired by everyone’s favorite summertime fruit. We worked on this flavor for a while and are so excited to share it with everyone. We’ve been making cans of it disappear around the office since the very first batch and we think you’ll love it, too.

Quick Backstory

Last summer, when we were making our limited-edition Watermelon flavor, we found that using strawberries really added a nice mix to the taste. So we had a hunch that Strawberry would be a delicious flavor of its own. After experimenting with different combinations of Strawberry puree and fresh lime juice (to help bring out the tart-sweetness of the berries), we finally landed on a Strawberry sparkling water we love.

We asked our founder and CEO, Bill, why he wanted to make a Strawberry Spindrift and he said, “I love strawberry smoothies (I probably make them 4x a week) and this sparkling water has everything I love about those smoothies – but in a sparkling format. It has everything you love about a cold strawberry smoothie but in a light format – it’s fulfilling but not heavy.“

How it’s made

As our Director of Quality, Sara, told us,

“Strawberry is pretty straight-forward. We take real fruit from farms and orchards and put it into the can.”

But, as Bill added,

“You want to process purees – especially strawberry puree – in a way that maintains the delicious, fresh flavor but also works in the sparkling water format. You don’t want big strawberry chunks since it’s not a strawberry smoothie.”

But working with strawberries isn’t always smooth-sailing. As Bill explained,

“Strawberries are challenging. We’ve always been nervous because they are so temperamental and short-seasoned. It’s a fussy fruit to work with. But that makes us all the more pleased at how it came out. Sparkling water + strawberry + fresh lime juice. That’s it."

How it tastes

Sweet, tart, and more fresh than many other strawberry-flavored things. (That’s because we use real strawberries, after all.) By using Strawberry puree rather than strawberry juice, we’re able to get a more intense, rich flavor. By adding fresh lime juice, we’re able to bring out the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Just remember, it’s not going to be that sticky-sweet strawberry you find in lollipops, popsicles, and even some other strawberry drinks you’ve tried. We hope you’ll love the real strawberry difference.

How to drink it

Strawberry Spindrift

Like all our sparkling waters, pop your cans in the fridge to make sure they’re nice and cold. Then, before you crack it open, you’ll want to give the contents a good mixing before you open it. We recommend gently tipping it upside down, then right-side up to help blend it all together for a consistent delicious taste.

Make it a mocktail

Strawberry goes great with basil and mint. Take a glass of ice, pour your Strawberry in and garnish with freshly-massaged mint leaves. You can do the same with basil. Garnish with fresh strawberry half and a lime wedge.

Make it a cocktail

Like all of our sparkling waters, Strawberry makes for a delicious addition to your favorite spirits. One of our favorites is the Sparkling Strawberry Pimm’s Cup – especially appropriate because we’re right around Wimbledon.

Sparkling Strawberry Pimm’s

• 1 handful of fresh mint & cucumber slices
• 4 strawberries
• 2 part Strawberry Spindrift
• 1 part Pimm’s


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