Small moment of joy

Small moment of joy

These days, everyone could use a small moment of joy.

Whether it’s hearing kind words from someone in your life or receiving a free box of Spindrift – every small moment matters.

When we decided to launch Pineapple to our community – for free – many folks told us that they’d like to donate it to someone else.

So that got us thinking… giving someone a small moment of joy should be as easy as saying, “I want to give [NAME] a small moment of joy!”

So we decided to make it that easy.

Small Moments of Joy

Give someone a small moment of joy – on us!

We’re asking anyone and everyone to leave us a comment on Instagram or Facebook or send us a tweet, telling us who you think deserves a #smallmomentofjoy and why. Tag yourself, someone you know, someone you don’t know but admire – and briefly tell us why you want to give them a #smallmomentofjoy. By sharing these kinds words on social, the greater community can share in the positivity – and pass it on.

Then, every week, we’ll and randomly select folks to receive a free 8-pack of Spindrift. It’s not much, but it’s the least we can do. As far as we know, sparkling water and compliments won’t save the world – but we hope they help brighten it.

Join us in celebrating these little moments of joy & hopefully it’ll help us feel connected even during this time of social distancing.

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