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Welcome to Farm to Bubble

Welcome to Farm to Bubble

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Farm to Bubble, a collection of stories celebrating how our ingredients are sourced, profiling our real food partners, and sharing what we’re doing to help give back.

The story of Spindrift goes back to 2009 when I began thinking about how I could make a carbonated refreshment that fit my lifestyle: recognizable ingredients, deliciously refreshing, and enjoyed by families big and small. The journey that got us to our first batch of Spindrift was filled with starts and stops, celebrations and set-backs. What emerged is our Farm to Bubble story- our discovery of farms growing spectacular ingredients, how we eventually wrestled them into batching tanks, and the restaurants/stores who purchased our products and helped bring Spindrift to consumers.

Bill Creelman - Spindrift

Along the way I met some incredible people who are now valued partners/friends- Bob from Vermont Cranberry, Nic from Sweetgreens, Charles from Nantucket Fish and Dairy- all of whom have their own incredible origin story. I loved the process of finding these partners and cajoling them into working with us- their commitment to real, fresh ingredients underpins our commitment. The Farm to Bubble Blog is our opportunity to share these stories with you.

Spindrift Sparkling Water

The Skinny: Over the next weeks and months, we will post stories in video and written formats. You will be able to see them go out across our social feeds (@spindriftfresh) but they will be initiated from the Farm to Bubble Blog. Here is how we are thinking about our themes:

The Farmers behind the bubbles

We are proud to celebrate the fruit, berry and vegetable farms across America that supply us our ingredients. Join us as we visit our suppliers to see how the fruit is grown, picked and processed before ending up in your next bottle of Spindrift.

Profiles of Our Real Food Partners

We want to share the stories of the foodservice customers who serve our drinks in their cafes and restaurants, many of them food artisans and craftspeople in their own right. They believe, as we do, that real food deserves real beverages

Giving back

We’re not just saying it, we are living it every day, and want to share the ways we’re supporting a more sustainable planet. From our commitment to funding environmental groups to our support of the family farm, we’d like to tell you the stories that make us get up in the morning and do what we do.

Looking back 6 years, we have evolved in some important ways: we now offer bottles and cans, we offer lightly sweetened and un-sweetened. But most things about Spindrift have remained the same: our sparkling waters remain a blend of real, fresh fruit and triple-filtered sparkling water; we continue to work with an ever expanding collection of family farms and use the fruit when it’s freshest; since the beginning, we have given 1% of our net revenue to environmental causes as members of 1% for the Planet - a network of businesses determined to support a healthy natural environment.

We hope you enjoy Farm To Bubble as much as we did making it. As always, please react to our posts by sharing them with your community. Thank you for your continued support.




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