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Why Nolimeemoji?

Why Nolimeemoji?

When life gives you limes, it's amazing.

Everything tastes better with lime.

Hello guacamole, tropical drinks and tacos. Lime is the unsung hero in so many of our favorite things. We just have one question.

Why is there no lime emoji?

We’ve got an entire basket of fruit emojis (with not one – but two – apples?!) but no lime. We want a lime emoji. Nay – we need a lime emoji. (We’ve seen folks trying to fashion their own lime emoji out of melon? And lemon with a green heart nearby? Or – kiwi?)



Why is there no lime emoji?

We need your help correcting this small injustice!

We'll submit the official proposal to the Unicode Consortium, all we need is your help illustrating all the ways you'd use a lime emoji if you had one. 

Tag everything

Tag everything lime with #nolimeemoji

Start adding #nolimeemojie anywhere you'd use a lime emoji. In texts, on social media posts, in comments, etc. Together we can get our favorite tiny green fruit in the the LIMElight. 

Act Now!

  1. See the hashtag
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Upload your own lime pic
  4. Share the gif

Let's sweeten the quest! 

Starting now until 3/31/19 (12:01 AM EST), for every social post that’s tagged with #nolimeemoji, we’ll give $1 (up to a $50,000 donation) to Whole Kids Foundation, a non-profit improving access to fresh fruits (like limes!) and veggies for kids nationwide.

Let's do this!

Together we can gather the support lime needs to earn emoji status!

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