Zedd in the Park 2022

Zedd in the Park 2022

We’re so excited to share the amazing experience we had partnering with Drifter, Anton Zaslavski at the “Zedd in the Park” music festival in Los Angeles on Friday, July 8. This was our first, IRL event in the past four years and it was great to be able to get to see people try Spindrift for the first time and meet existing Drifters. 


Anton (known in the EDM world as ‘Zedd’), is a long-time Spindrift fan. If you were at our March virtual launch party for the release of Blood Orange Tangerine - you may remember his special surprise appearance ! He joined our CEO & founder Bill Creelman for the ‘Share a Spindrift with Bill’ live segment - and helped us give away a year's supply of Spindrift to one lucky attendee. 

Meet Zedd

Do you know Zedd? You may have heard a few of his remixes for some preeeeety famous artists…Lady Gaga, Black Black Eyed Peas, and Selena Gomez (one of his most popular productions is "I Want You to Know") – to name a few.

 We’re HUGE fans of Zedd and his music. So, naturally, we were excited   to partner with him at such a fun event.

Zedd in the Park Music Festival in Los Angeles

We got the chance  to hang out  with festival-goers while providing cool refreshments throughout the hot day and handed out limited edition, custom branded, bucket hats!

Spindrift Spiked made it’s first festival debut and was sold throughout the event for  attendees 21+  it was incredible to see people discovering and enjoying it for the first time!

If you missed Zedd in the Park this year, why not recreate the experience with some friends at home? Stock up on your favorite Spindrift sparkling water flavors or Spindrift Spiked, cue up some of Zedd’s latest tracks, then sip and chill. 

Now that’s a recipe for a perfectly laid back summer evening!

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