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We believe the best things in life are better shared. So we gave away every printed copy of Tastes of Home to our community at no charge and now we're sharing a digital version with you here.


We made a book!

Tastes of Home with Spindrift is a recipe book featuring contributions from our talented and eclectic community who each share our deep appreciation for quality, craft, and the moments that bring us together.


We’ve asked some of our favorite chefs, mixologists, & creators to share their favorite recipes from home. Combined with treasured homemade recipes from our team - you'll find something eclectic with heart - on every page.

Real ingredients

To us, taste is everything and nothing tastes better than real ingredients. Farm-fresh fare inspires our product and our recipes in Tastes of Home.


It's all about craft, quality, and intention. Tastes of Home is, in part, an ode to the home we all share: planet earth.

Featuring recipes from chefs & mixologists we admire

Has a recipe compilation ever included so many incredible creators? We were so honored to include these talented chefs, mixologists, and creators in the pages of Tastes of Home.

And treasured recipes from our team

We wanted to include recipes from reputable creators as well as recipes from our very own Spindrift teammates. Each story they shared brought us closer to all the wonderful sights, scents, sounds, sensations, and tastes that make home, home.

Inspired by home

Home is where everything you love is. Your favorite people, your prized possessions, your favorite flavors tucked away in your well-stocked fridge or pantry, all ready for you to unwind in the place you feel the most you. No matter where or how you live, the idea of home is always the same: comfort, warmth, a place steeped in memories. A place where you can be completely yourself and enjoy the sights, sounds, sensations, scents, tastes that you love most. 

And inspired by giving

Every copy of Tastes of Home was be given away at no charge because we believe the best things in life are better shared. We hope you enjoy.

In honor of Tastes of Home, we're also giving back to the home we all share: Earth. We believe in wholesome, healthy, real food for all and building a sustainable food system to do that. For us, this starts by supporting farms and farmers directly.

We’re proud to support The Food Project, a non-profit making an incredible difference in our home state of Massachusetts.

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