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Grapefruit Fizz Recipe

Grapefruit Fizz Recipe

If you're looking for a refreshingly tangy and mildly sweet cocktail that's perfect for any season, Grapefruit Fizz cocktail is the perfect go-to drink.  

The Grapefruit Fizz is a classic cocktail with a twist of sweetness, sourness, and effervescence. The perfect balance of sugary sweetness and tart grapefruit juice combines perfectly with the herbal finish of gin, resulting in a crisp, refreshing drink that's hard to pin down.  

It’s the perfect drink to sip on for people who like their cocktails easy-going, with a refreshing finish rather than a hard-hitting punch. 

Brief History of the Grapefruit Fizz Cocktail

The Grapefruit Fizz cocktail was believed to be created in the early 1900s and quickly gained popularity for its balance of tart and sweet flavors as well as its delightful bubbly nature. Its refreshing taste and tangy twist made it a hit among those looking for a citrusy kick in their drink. 

Gin fizz cocktails are believed to have been created and made widely popular in New Orleans, and since then have spread internationally to be a traditional staple of any good bar.  

Why Gin for a Grapefruit Fizz?

Now, if you're thinking "why gin?" when it comes to this cocktail, we have two words for you: flavor profile. The herbal juniper notes in gin perfectly complement the tartness of grapefruit juice, making them a match made in heaven.  

When using a real-squeezed alternative like Spindrift Grapefruit instead of a heavy concentrate, the result is a harmoniously blended cocktail that is next-level in flavor. Trust us, once you try this combo, there's no going back!  

Our Fresh Twist

The original recipe calls for any form of grapefruit juice and club soda. However, your typical grapefruit juice concentrate is loaded with artificial sweeteners that can make a light, bubbly cocktail like the Grapefruit Fizz heavy and syrupy.  

Juice concentrate can also wipe out the beautiful tartness of the grapefruit and delicate notes of juniper. Spindrift Grapefruit is all about cutting down on sweetness while still maintaining that signature tanginess we all know and love.  

We added a sprig of rosemary to complement the herbaceous nature of gin and volia! The perfect Grapefruit Fizz cocktail (or mocktail) recipe. If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, simply remove the gin from the recipe or try a more complex grapefruit mocktail like this one here. 

If you’re looking for more delicious grapefruit cocktails and like a little kick, we suggest our Ginger Grapefruit Sour recipe as well.  

Proposed Pairings

This cocktail pairs well with light and refreshing foods like salads, seafood dishes, and grilled chicken. The tartness of the grapefruit helps to cleanse the palate and balance out heavier flavors. 

In addition, for all our fellow citrus lovers out there, try pairing your Grapefruit Fizz with a side of freshly sliced oranges for an extra burst of citrusy goodness. You can thank us later. 


featuring spindrift grapefruit

  • 1. 1.5 oz. Your favorite gin
  • 2. 1 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
  • 3. Spindrift Grapefruit
  • 4. Sprig of rosemary
  • 5. Optional dash of simple syrup


Serves 1 • 6 Minute Prep

  • 1. Mix gin and juice in a cocktail shaker over ice, shake vigorously
  • 2. Pour into a highball glass with ice
  • 3. Top with Spindrift Grapefruit
  • 4. Garnish with rosemary
Spindrift Grapefruit

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