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Raspberry Lime Mojito Recipe

Raspberry Lime Mojito Recipe

Minty, zesty, a little sweet, and bubbly, the mojito is a classic cocktail recipe. It’s perfect in its original form and excellent in almost all its renditions. Enter our Raspberry Lime Mojito, a punchy spin on a summertime favorite. For real fruit flavor and a bold pink color, we added fresh raspberries and Drifter-favorite Spindrift Raspberry Lime to this refreshing recipe. 

What is a Mojito?

The Raspberry Lime Mojito is our take on the traditional highball cocktail from Cuba. All mojitos have five main ingredients: white rum, lime, mint, sugar, and club soda or sparkling water. We love that you can get inventive with your mojito. In our Raspberry Mojito recipe, we muddle fresh raspberries to add extra fruity sweetness, texture, and color. Then top everything off with Spindrift Raspberry Lime for bubbles and depth of flavor. It’s got all the notes of an original mojito with a bit of berry richness added to the mix.

Which Rum Should I Use for a Mojito?

Rum, which is distilled from sugarcane, is the spirit used in mojitos. You’ll typically find white rum in mojitos because it features a mild, sweet, and light taste. White rum is usually clear in color, aged in stainless steel barrels for a short period of time, while dark rum is typically aged in charred oak barrels for a few years so it turns a deeper gold color. People generally drink dark rums straight or add them to tropical drinks like our Ticket to Paradise, as dark rums have a deeper flavor and color. That said, you could make a mojito with dark rum. In fact, "dirty mojitos" are usually made with darker or spiced rum. Just keep in mind it’ll have a richer flavor with a more decadent caramel note - and might add a bit of a bronze color to your drink. 

How to Make a Raspberry Lime Mocktail 

Mojitos are one of the best drinks to make as mocktails because the flavors work so well on their own. In fact, a mocktail mojito is what inspired us to make Spindrift Nojito, a new flavor in our 2023 sparkling water lineup. Spindrift Nojito takes out the sugar and rum in a classic mojito but features real squeezed lime and a cooling hint of mint. All you have to do is pop open a can and enjoy. For a Raspberry Lime Nojito - just follow the recipe above but skip the rum. If you love Raspberry Lime mocktails, try our super simple All That Razz recipe.

However you like to make it, this bright, fruity drink is perfect for entertaining guests during summertime backyard barbecues or poolside parties or dressed up for a Bachelorette party, bridal shower, or baby shower (just make sure you include a mojito option!). Shop Spindrift Raspberry Lime to up your mojito game.


featuring raspberry lime

  • 1. 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice
  • 2. Handful of fresh raspberries
  • 3. 1 tsp. of superfine sugar
  • 4. 3 mint leaves (+more for garnish)
  • 5. 2 oz. white rum
  • 6. Spindrift Raspberry Lime


Serves 1 • 5 Minute Prep

  • 1. Muddle a few raspberries + fresh lime juice with sugar in your glass
  • 2. Add mint leaves and continue to muddle to release the minty goodness
  • 3. Add crushed ice and rum
  • 4. Top with Spindrift Raspberry
  • 5. Garnish with raspberries and mint leaves
Spindrift Raspberry Lime

What Does it Taste Like?

The mojito traditionally strikes a balance between tartness and sweetness by combining lime with sugar and white rum. But depending on your preference, you can lean a little more in either direction. We like to keep our ingredients simple - but an extra squeeze of lime goes a long way. If you like a pucker, up the lime. If you like a sweeter profile, double the sugar. You can also omit the sugar altogether to create a refreshing unsweetened cocktail.

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