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Sparkling Maple Leaf Recipe

Sparkling Maple Leaf Recipe

Perfect for kicking back around the backyard fire pit or having low-key night in, the Sparkling Maple Leaf drink pairs the heartiness of bourbon with citrusy Spindrift Lemon and a hint of sweet maple syrup. This maple bourbon cocktail is a cozy beverage that will taste bright and crisp on cool autumn evenings. Garnish it with lemon peel and a cinnamon stick for a little added flair. 

What Is a Sparkling Maple Leaf Cocktail?

At Spindrift, we like our cocktails like we like our ingredients: simple. We created The Sparkling Maple Leaf inspired by the sugar maple tree - a perfect representation of fall and winter in New England. Every fall, the sugar maple’s leaves turn bright colors and every winter, sugar maple tree trunks are tapped for maple syrup. We wanted to celebrate those occasions with a simple cocktail you can mix quickly for you and a friend and get right back to cozy activities. Overall, this drink is reminiscent of a hot toddy with its liquor, lemon, and spice. And, depending on your choice of whiskey (we like bourbon here), you can really accentuate the nutty, woodsy notes. To brighten the depth of the bourbon, we add Spindrift Lemon and serve chilled or at room-temp. If you’re serving a crowd, you can up the Lemon with a 16 oz. Spindrift can.

Which Bourbon Should You Use? 

Bourbon is a distilled spirit aged in new oak barrels and made with at least 51% corn, with the rest consisting of rye, barley, and wheat. Bourbon is generally associated with the American South (particularly Kentucky) and has a distinctly sweet flavor as far as whiskeys go, with notes of caramel and vanilla. The new oak barrels also give it a slightly woodsy note. Which bourbon you should use for your Sparkling Maple Leaf cocktail ultimately depends on your preference. Wheated bourbon features a mellow, sweet flavor. On the other hand, high-rye bourbon usually has a spicy, bold taste. Bourbon enthusiasts have their own favorites and would probably rather drink it straight. But if you’re not a fan of the brown liquor on its own, serving bourbon in a simple cocktail is a way to make use of a gifted bottle or introduce yourself to the spirit. 

What Can You Substitute for Bourbon?  

You can substitute another whiskey in your Maple Leaf cocktail if you don’t have bourbon. Whiskey is simply a distilled spirit made with fermented grains, and bourbon is a type of whiskey. Because bourbon contains at least 51% corn, it generally has a sweeter flavor than other whiskeys. If you want a sweet flavor, try Tennessee whiskey, which some consider a mellower, ever-so-slightly sootier version of bourbon due to its charcoal filtering process. You could also try scotch whiskey, which has a malty taste because of its malted barley component. 

What Maple Syrup Should You Use? 

The maple syrup in this cocktail delivers a hint of sweetness, so it plays more of a supporting role to the bourbon. With that in mind, you'll get the best taste from using the real stuff. The maple syrup you reach for should be labeled as “100% real maple syrup,” so avoid picking out anything that’s “maple flavor” or made with high-fructose corn syrup. And bear in mind that the darker the maple syrup, the stronger the taste will be — choose a lighter color for a mild maple flavor and a darker hue for a richer flavor. 

Feel free to use whatever’s on-hand when making this simple cocktail. This one should be all about ease. We love an adjustable and easy-to-make recipe. The Sparkling Maple Leaf is a delicious autumn beverage to sip on in crisp weather. To give your cozy drink a zingy taste and plenty of bubbles, shop Spindrift Lemon.


featuring spindrift lemon

  • 1. 4oz Bourbon
  • 2. 1T maple syrup
  • 3. Spindrift Lemon
  • 4. Lemon + cinnamon


Serves 2 • 5 Minute Prep

  • 1. Pour maple syrup in glass
  • 2. Add 2oz bourbon and stir to combine
  • 3. Top with Spindrift Lemon
  • 4. Garnish with cinnamon stick and lemon peel
Spindrift Lemon

Bartender's Note*

Bourbon can be substituted with any whiskey of choice.

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