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A Note for Thanksgiving 2021

A Note for Thanksgiving 2021

Friends and Drifters,

Today, more than ever, the Spindrift Team has so much to be thankful for. 

In the last 20 months, we’ve seen our usual, expected Spindrift-signature challenges go from medium to high to critical: testing us in ways we’ve never been tested before. So many people have supported us, and for that we say, “thank you”.

First, thank you to each and every one of our Spindrift teammates. Your hard work and dedication are unparalleled. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

Thank you to our Drifter community. Thank you for loving our product, bringing it into your lives, and sticking with us as we try new things and sometimes reinvent the wheel to keep bringing you the quality and deliciousness you expect from us.

Thank you to our retailer partners. It all starts with you, and we are eternally grateful you’ve agreed to have Spindrift on your shelves every day, against a backdrop of hundreds of other choices. And your teams have done so much work we never see: receiving, re-stocking shelves, merchandising, interacting with consumers. It does not go unappreciated.

Thank you to our manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and partners across the business. Like many businesses, Spindrift has faced unprecedented supply-chain challenges. We could not have gotten through this time without the remarkable, big and small personal sacrifices that each person who touches our business has contributed.

Thank you to the farmers who grow our incredible fruit. You have endured a year of challenges, highlighted by the impact of climate change which resulted in heatwaves and catastrophic fires that devastated the west coast where our fruit is grown. We are grateful to you (and mother nature) for your continued perseverance.

Thank you to the can manufacturers (more cans please). Things like the global aluminum shortage and other bigger-than-big issues have tested the whole industry - but hopefully it has also highlighted the importance of sourcing and recyclable materials. We are grateful you have stood by our business.

Thank you to our family members who have supported us through many long days and weekends. There are no shortcuts, or “that’s good enough” for us which often means batching up Spindrift at 1am on a Saturday. Our team is there and the commitment to quality is unrelenting but not always easy. For your support, we say “thank you”.

Because of all of you, Spindrift is smarter and nimbler. These challenges have left us humbler and with a bit more grey hair—but we’re committed and we’re thankful. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and transparency has never led us astray and is unwavering. We’re about “real” in all its messy, authentic ways. And we love that we can be ourselves with you, keep the curtain parted and our door open to you, our favorite people. Feel free to reach out anytime:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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