Earth Month Upcycling with Spindrift

Upcycling with Spindrift


2023 marks 53 years since the first ever Earth Day. In honor of Earth Month this April, we partnered with two incredibly unique creators who shared their unique spin to upcycling with Spindrift product. Did you know, aluminum is infinitely recyclable and nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today? The average US beverage cans contain 73% of recycled content and can go from recycling bin to store shelf in as little as 60 days. 

Pretty incredible right? We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Month than by sharing recycled and upcycled Spindrift in hopes of inspiring this process with our own community. 

Meet Our Creators: 

Royce Hunt:

  • Royce is a master decoupager who creates beautiful pieces with recycled materials, which she fondly calls ‘dusty treasures.’ Royce enjoys picking these treasures and breathing new life into them in order to beautify the world, one piece at a time. 
  • Royce says if she had to coin her style, it would be ‘a mix of industrial, steampunk apothecary style’. She covers the story of her pieces and the how-to’s for decoupage on her blog. She created a picnic caddy out of Spindrift cardboard and to be honest, it is amazingly crafty and incredibly useful. What more could we ask for?! It’s the perfect decor for any outdoor table, or picnic, and is incredibly sturdy and perfect for grill season! We were stoked to give it away to our community and share an upcycled Spindrift craft with one lucky winner. 

Decoupaged Picnic Caddy

Hannah and Nemo

  • This pair are artists who create moving mosaics from cans. They call these ‘transformations that reveal the beauty of the ordinary so that you can be reminded to be true to yourself and Earth.’ Their moving mosaics are sold on their website along with tutorials and kits to build your own moving mosaic at home!
  • They accept empty can donations and have directions on how to ship and what types of cans they are looking for. Hannah and Nemo live in a rural area that doesn’t have a recycling program, so not only are they passionate about making it known that they can all utilize the cans, it was important for them to find a beverage they also feel good about drinking.  With empty Spindrift cans, they created a one-of-a-kind beautiful rainbow moving mosaic. The mosaic will make for the perfect statement piece in its new Drifter home and hopefully inspire continued upcylcing! 
  • Lucky for our community, Hannah & Nemo are graciously offering 50% off their tutorial for ‘Make your own h&n moving mosaic square.’ Just use promo code DRIFTER50 at checkout - valid until 5/6/23. If you end up using the tutorial, tag us in your creation at @drinkspindrift - we’d love to see it!

Spindrift Boxes

Spindrift Upcycled Mosiac

We asked our Drifter community to upcycle their Spindrift in any way they’d like and share it with us. The result? Upcycled Spinny and some beautiful creations! We extended this call-to-action on social, prompting Drifters to show us how they recycle or upcycle Spindrift for a chance to win a 6-month supply of their favorite flavors. They could show us anything from a recycle bin full of Spindrift to their cans, or cardboard, fashioned into something new.

Our community of Drifters is incredibly crafty and creative, and they obviously love Spindrift, so we knew they’d enjoy combining their love for both. We selected 5 winners, which was extremely difficult, as no upcycled creation was alike. We received bins of giraffes, a huge collection of Spindrift can tabs, flower vases, Spindrift candles, and some super full recycling-bins. We were overwhelmed with how creative each person was and how different each upcycled craft was from the next.

While Earth Month gets its spotlight in April, we encourage our community to consider adopting recycling and/or upcycling across the entire year. According to the EPA, the U.S. alone generates 4.9 pounds of waste - per person - per day. Any small part we can play to offset our carbon footprint can lead to big, recognizable differences. Whether you’re one of the billion people who already participate in Earth Day - or you’re interested in getting started - here’s some inspiration to consider:


  • Learn:
        • Watch documentaries about the Earth (here’s some to consider!)
        • Listen to podcasts about the environment ( recommends these)
  • Act: 
      • Participate in your town/city’s local recycling program 
      • Tend to your local community garden
      • Recycle or upcycle your empty Spindrift cans or boxes 
      • Become a composter
      • Spend time in nature

    We look forward to continuing to learn from each other new and innovative ways to upcycle! 

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