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Hello, Grapeade

Hello, Grapeade

We love reinventing classics here at Spindrift. Maybe you’ve tried our take on sparkling lemonade or half tea/half lemonade or Nojito, our fresh take on a mojito. We love the challenge of taking tried-and-true flavors and doing them the Spindrift way – proudly made the hard way™ with real squeezed fruit. 

In 2024, we’re proud to introduce Spindrift® Grapeade sparkling water to the world. Inspired by so many nostalgic, warm childhood experiences with grape – Grapeade is our update on a classic. 

When many people think of grape, they imagine the purple flavoring they grew up with,” said Jon Silverman, our Head of Innovation. “We all have these fond memories associated with that taste. Whether it’s grape juice or soda, peanut-butter & jelly, freeze pops or candy. People love grape. But that artificial, sugary grape really has no place in our adult lives today. We wondered if we could recreate a version that harkens back to the original using only real ingredients.”   

To capture the grape taste we were after, our Innovation Team went straight to the source: vineyards in the Pacific Northwest where Concord grapes are cultivated. “Spindrift has never worked with grapes before so we had to start from scratch. Throughout the process, we discovered that Concord grapes are the basis for that amazing, juicy taste we all think of,” said Jon. “It took us about a year to source the best-tasting grapes and create a simple but impactful flavor profile we loved. We’re so proud of product we created. Grapeade combines that incredible smell and taste of classic grape with the signature Spindrift experience. People are really going to wonder how we did it. 

We’re so excited to share the flavor with our community of Drifters – many of whom have asked us to create a grape flavor for years. Once you crack open a can of Grapeade, you’ll notice the deep, signature aroma of juicy grapes. When you sip it, you’ll taste a hint of richness from the Concord grapes, brightened by a splash of real squeezed lemon. The experience is light, bright, and slightly pulpy just like the Spindrift profile you know and love. 

To launch Grapeade, we created a podumockery video series, Squeezed, where Lexi from our Innovation Team is tasked with creating a new flavor of Spindrift – just to be distracted by her preoccupation with making a true crime podcast instead. The 4-part video series details the twists and turns of Lexi’s “investigation” and features actual Spindrift employees and real stories about how Spindrift is really made. You can watch the entire series here 

In addition to Grapeade, this year we’re also proud to introduce Spindrift® Island Punch – a tropical fruit punch made with real passion fruit, orange, and guava. 

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