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I Made this with Spindrift - A Crafting Class Series

I Made this with Spindrift - A Crafting Class Series


Our Drifter community is filled with arguably some of the most crafty, creative people. Case in point, your great taste in crafted beverages is just the tip of the iceberg. To celebrate our mutual love of craft and DIY, we brought these two unique areas together in March with three incredibly unique virtual DIY crafting classes. In partnership with our three incredibly talented hosts (more of them, below) we sipped on Spindrift Nojito together, learned some new skills and got to spend some 1:1 time with those who make Spindrift possible - our community. 

If you were selected to join us for the live classes - thank you for being a part of these unique experiences. If you weren’t selected, not to worry, we’ve recapped the workshops for your reading pleasure below. If you’re feeling up to some individual craft + sip, we’ve also included links to the class supply lists for you. We are constantly finding ourselves inspired by our Drifter’s passions, hobbies and talents and hope to bring more experiences like these to the table in the future. 

Meet Our Hosts:

  • Shelly Kim: Shelly is the artist behind Letters by Shells and is a self-taught artist who specializes in lettering, DIY and fun, creative illustrations. She started creating art in 2015 to release stress from her day job and to decorate her work cubicle with fun, positive affirmations. Shelly has since turned her art hobby into a full-time career making it a mission for her artwork to express love and positivity 
  • Hilton Carter: For Hilton, it all started with one plant, a fiddle-leaf fig named Frank to be exact. As he explains in his best-selling book, Wild at Home, his interest in plants started out as purely practical. Since then, he has written and photographed two other best sellers, Wild Interiors & Wild Creations. He more recently partnered with target on the collection Hilton Carter for Target, released his Guide to Houseplants workshops with the Magnolia network and opened his first plant shop - green neighbor - in his very own hometown of Baltimore, MD. He is a plant/interior stylist, author and artist. 
  • Nelson ZêPequéno: Originally from Accra, Ghana, Nelson is a scenic designer now based in Los Angeles, CA. Nelson uniquely blends creativity and sustainability to create one-of-a-kind floral art. He is also the founder of Black Men with Gardens, a platform which connects a community of nature enthusiasts and strives to increase representation in the home and garden industry. Through his inspiring work, Nelson has become a strong voice for diversity and inclusion, encouraging everyone to embrace the beauty and benefits of gardening. 

The Classes: 

Our Drifter community, as well as the community of our class hosts, were invited to enter for a chance to win a virtual Zoom ticket to the experience of their choice. We were overwhelmed by the excitement and response received! 50 individuals were selected and invited to join each individual class. We joined Shelly, Hilton and Nelson’s classes to help infuse conversation and answer live questions from attendees throughout the workshop.

It was a blast being a part of the conversation with our Drifter community, and the community of each host.  Prior to each class, recipients were also sent kits that were developed specifically to their class - curated in partnership with our hosts. In addition, each participant was also sent an 8-pack of one of our newest 2023 flavors - Nojito! 

DIY Frame & Lettering Print with Shelly Kim

Shelly Kim

Shelly walked us through the creation of a fun and colorful DIY frame and lettering art print. Attendees started the class by priming their frame with white paint to create the canvas in which attendees would be illustrating on.

We were joined by our friends at POSCA, who generously provided the pens used in our kits for the virtual class, and were guided through step-by-step instructions on how to create the imaginative fruit that cascaded around the frame.

Living Art with Hilton Carter

Hilton Carter

Hilton led our class through a gardening workshop where we got our hands dirty making a unique piece of living art. We used a Blue Star Fern plant from Rooted - which we found to be the absolute perfect greenery for this project. Ordering and delivery was super convenient and attendees each received a live thriving plant to work with.

Live from his very own greenhouse, Hilton gave us a unique window into his world as a plant stylist. Our living art is still hanging out with us in the office! 

Mossy Mirror with Nelson ZêPequéno

Nelson ZêPequéno

Nelson inspired creativity and design in his mossy mirror DIY workshop. Starting with a blank canvas of a 16” mirror (we got ours on Amazon!) attendees took creative liberties in their moss placement. We were so impressed with how diverse everyone’s mirrors turned out! Some were framed completely with moss while others only featured moss on a certain portion of the mirror.

Nelson invited the class to add anything they had in the home to their mirror – we were super impressed with everything that was added to the frames. We absolutely cannot wait to see where Drifters hang these super unique mirrors within their favorite spaces. 

That's a wrap on our first-ever “I Made This With Spindrift” DIY crafting class series! We got our craft, and sip, on and it was a blast to do it together! Huge thank you to Shelly, Nelson and Hilton for showing us the ropes for these creative pieces. And shout-out to all the awesome Drifters who attended - we loved hanging out with and getting to know you! 

Looking for more ‘I Made this with Spindrift’ content? Check out some of our past experiences like our Blood Orange Tangerine Virtual Launch Party recap or our Light Summer Pasta recipe from our class with fellow Drifter Teri Turner.

Interested in joining us for our next ‘I Made this with Spindrift’ class? Stay tuned by subscribing to our email list and follow us on TikTok and Instagram.

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