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Spindrift Innovation Timeline: Proudly Made the Hard Way Since 2010

Spindrift Innovation Timeline: Proudly Made the Hard Way Since 2010

Since the very beginning, Spindrift was guided by a love of real fruit and a dedication to proudly doing things the hard – but ultimately better - way.

From our very first product innovation – sodas made with real squeezed fruit and a touch of cane sugar, created fresh in our founder Bill’s kitchen – to the creation of our first unsweetened sparkling waters in 2012. From local shops and Boston eateries to natural food stores to grocery chains. We took a risk and said goodbye to our soda line in 2016 to go all-in on our unsweetened sparkling waters.

By sourcing the best-tasting fruit from farms across the country – and eventually the world – we honed our process to scale our production while keeping everything delicious and true-to-nature. From 4 flavors to 6 to 8 to 15. From bright citrus to sweet berries to juicy tropical fruit and cool mint and earthy tea. We’ve found ways to bring our real fruit mission to hard seltzer, cider, lemonades, and iced tea and we’re still just getting started. 

Here’s a look back at some of our greatest innovations in Spindrift history! 

Spindrift Innovation Timeline

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“Convinced @drinkspindrift Lime is what limes would want their seltzer to taste like.”

Zach C.

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