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Be There in a ‘Sec Recipe

Be There in a ‘Sec Recipe

Sometimes, you're in the mood for a simple lime lemonade sparkling water or a jammy mocktail. Other times, your taste buds might be looking for something more. Our Be There in a 'Sec cocktail is a twist on the Old Cuban cocktail, adding extra bubbles courtesy of Spindrift Lime. Perfect for impressing party dinner guests visiting your home, this zingy cocktail will delight with its tart yet sweet taste, which combines the flavors of bitters, lime, and mint. 

What Is the Inspiration Behind the Be There in a 'Sec Cocktail?

We can't talk about the Be There in a 'Sec cocktail without mentioning its inspiration: the Old Cuban cocktail. This classic rum champagne cocktail makes for a well-rounded refresher because of its simple flavors. Often described as a mojito meets a French 75, the Old Cuban cocktail first emerged in the cocktail scene in the early aughts. Its mojito elements include simple syrup, lime juice, and mint. Instead of the mojito's white rum, the Old Cuban cocktail consists of aged rum. Here’s the difference: White rum features a light flavor and color due to its short aging process in stainless steel barrels, whereas aged rum has a deeper flavor and amber color due to being aged longer in wooden casks. Tying everything is the French 75's bubbly champagne element, plus Angostura bitters for spicy notes of clove and cinnamon.

Spindrift’s recipe features a prosecco and rum cocktail, swapping out champagne for budget-friendly prosecco, which offers a slightly sweeter taste and lighter bubbles. We also use a gold rum for its rich, smooth flavor — a gold rum can technically be an aged rum, but it tends to get its golden color and sweet taste from add-ins such as caramel.



Be There in a 'Sec Recipe featuring spindrift lime

  • 1. Spindrift Lime
  • 2. 1.5oz gold rum
  • 3. 0.5oz fresh lime juice
  • 4. 1oz simple syrup
  • 5. 2 dashes of bitters
  • 6. 2oz prosecco
  • 7. Fresh mint


Serves 2 • 5 Minute Prep

  • 1. Muddle simple syrup, lime juice, and several mint leaves in a mixing glass
  • 2. Muddle simple syrup, lime juice, and several mint leaves in a mixing glass
  • 3. Strain into a champagne flutes or coupe and top with Spindrift Lime and prosecco
Spindrift Lime

Bartender's Note*

For a fancy mocktail, just skip the prosecco and rum!

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